Another Heathrow consultation

Heathrow has begun a very lengthy second consultation on its expansion running from 18 June to 13 September 2019.

You should have received a leaflet through the post with their exhibition events, which you might feel do not sufficiently address the many negative aspects of Heathrow expansion.

AN3V are very concerned about "temporary" changes that Heathrow are proposing in the lead up to the completion of the 3rd runway, for example:

- Independent Parallel Approaches

- Redesign of the Compton route.

- Easterly alternation (more Easterly operations means more and earlier planes over Surrey Heath)

These changes are likely to have a devastating effect on Surrey Heath and risk becoming permanent if the 3rd runway is not built. This part of the consultation is referred to as "Early Growth - increasing flights for our existing runways".

You don't have to respond to the full consultation - you can send an email to . We also recommend that you cc Michael Gove.

For a non-glossy, non-profit driven view, the following events are scheduled by other community groups (scroll down):

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