New Heathrow Consultation dubbed ‘a charade’ by No 3rd Runway Coalition

Responding to Heathrow's announcement that their consultation is 'hitting its next delivery milestone' of Heathrow expansion, Paul McGuinness, Chair of the No 3rd Runway Coalition, said:

"Disingenuously, Heathrow are claiming that they are conducting a 10 week "consultation" next year "to give local communities an opportunity to shape Heathrow's (expansion) proposals". Disingenuously, because they're listing these as "options on the design of the expanded airport facilities, the reconfiguration of the M25 and our plans for how environmental impacts, during and through construction, can be best managed."

"To claim that the public are being consulted, when the only subjects up for discussion exclude the matters on which the public is most concerned, is little more than a charade.”

“Situated at the heart of the UK's most densely populated residential region, Heathrow is - statistically - already the world's most highly disruptive airport. This population doesn't want to be consulted on the quality of Heathrow's construction plans. It wants to be consulted on the flight paths for the extra 250,000 extra flights each year, and to learn which communities will start to be adversely impacted by aircraft noise for the very first time. Yet this information is not to be presented, and for the most obvious of reasons - were the people to know, they'd become even more determined to voice their belief that there should be no expansion of Heathrow at all."


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