News from across the pond - sound familiar?

AN3V has warned of the implications of the introduction of Precision Based Navigation (Concentrated Flight Paths) responsible for the huge and intolerable increase in aircraft noise during the 2014 Flight Path trials. Emily Alpert Reyes' article in Sunday's LA Times could have been written with Heathrow substituted for LA International - sudden increase in aircraft noise, lack of consultation, lowering of flights and shift in flight paths. Sounds all too familiar! 'It's a superhighway above our heads': South L.A. residents vexed by new LAX flight paths

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A jet descends into Los Angeles International Airport. New flight paths into LAX, redrawn by the FAA to save fuel and reduce delays, have triggered complaints from once tranquil South L.A. neighborhoods. (David McNew / Getty Images)

Jefferson Park, West Adams and other stretches of South L.A. along Adams Boulevard are some of the neighborhoods affected by a shift in flight paths into Los Angeles International Airport and other busy airports across the nation, part of a federal effort to save fuel, reduce delays and improve safety. But by funneling air traffic into narrower, more concentrated routes, the new system has sent a steady stream of jets roaring over once-tranquil communities, residents said.


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