Heathrow fares badly in manifestos ...... No 3rd runway coalition press release

Coalition Press Release - 18 May 2017


A small and limited reference to Heathrow expansion in the Conservative Manifesto published on Thursday afternoon leaves the Government room to drop the proposed expansion of the airport, a major campaign organisation said today. The manifesto simply refers to a wider objective of “our programme of strategic national investments, including….the expansion of Heathrow Airport” (1).

The No 3rd Runway Coalition, set up earlier this year, includes over a dozen campaign groups, parliamentary candidates, local authorities and NGOs, working together to oppose Heathrow expansion. The Coalition believes the weak reference could indicate recognition of the insurmountable challenges that expansion at Heathrow faces including poor air quality, climate change, noise reduction, surface access and the demolition of thousands of homes.

Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats published their manifestos earlier this week, with Labour’s stopping short of endorsing Heathrow, simply suggesting that the party “recognised the need for additional capacity in the south east” and that the party would “guarantee that any airport expansion “adheres” to four tests set out by the party (2). The Liberal Democrats provided an explicit commitment not to support a 3rd runway (3).

Robert Barnstone, Coordinator of the Coalition, said: “Heathrow expansion is a toxic issue, in particular in relation to air quality and noise pollution. The lack of detail in the manifesto is a concern for both the local communities affected and for the taxpayers who are being held liable for an unspecified contribution of public capital. The proposals for delivering a third runway are simply not credible.”

The Coalition has recently launched a new website www.no3rdrunwaycoalition.co.uk, can be followed on twitter @NoR3Coalition and has a Facebook page.



(1) Conservative Manifesto 2017, p. 26

(2) Labour Manifesto 2017, p. 92

(3) Liberal Democrat Manifesto 2017, p. 66

For more information:

Rob Barnstone – 07806947050; robert.barnstone@outlook.com


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