Wait for a consultation event, then 2 come along at once!

Local council has organised a meeting on 22nd May at Camberley Theatre between 12:00 and 19:30

Quite an apt venue given the drama we have had endure on the subject of consultation events :-)

On May 10, AN3V organised a Heathrow expansion consultation event, as the DfT refused to hold one in this area and no initiative was forthcoming from local government.

We have consistently campaigned for County and Borough Councils to act on the issue of aircraft noise, finally, Surrey Heath Councillors, supported by SHBC will be holding a Heathrow expansion

event for residents that could be affected by aircraft noise from the planned third runway.

To help you find out what impact these proposals will have on you and where you live, here are some questions you might find useful to ask at the event:

Where are Flight paths going to be? Will there be new flight paths over my house? What noise levels will I experience with an expanded Heathrow? Is a ban on night flights a pre-requisite to MPs support for expansion? What air pollution will I experience with an expanded Heathrow (M3, roads & aviation)? How will Government meet emission targets when they are already being seriously breached? What are the exact costs and who will pay as Heathrow only prepared to commit £1 billion for roads and infrastructure when Government estimates a cost of £5bn (TfL estimates £15 bn!) What road congestion will I experience with an expanded Heathrow? How else will my neighbourhood be impacted (housing, infrastructure, schools etc.). Can I count on my MP & Council to protect me from the impacts of a 54% increase in aircraft?


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