Michael Gove declares.... he is FOR Heathrow expansion

After many letters and emails trying to coax Mr Gove to state his position on expansion, finally the Lightwater Village Fete provided the answer!

In contrast to his noticeable absence at the expansion event AN3V organised on May 10 where he could have engaged with residents' concerns on the subject, Mr Gove did find time to support the local village fete. This afforded the opportunity for myself and others to pose the question directly - is he for or against expansion. The answer is FOR

Whilst stating the the issue was 'finely balanced' across Surrey Heath between those for and against - on balance jobs and growth take priority.

When asked what measures he proposes to protect residents from additional noise and pollution 260K extra planes will bring - he 'hopes' that flight paths will remain as they are.

No detail either of how the area will cope with the additional housing and infrastructure burden!

Michael Gove (Photo: TMS)

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