About the group

AN3V was formed in 2014 in response to the the trials undertaken by Heathrow which brought unprecedented levels of aircraft noise to the 3 Villages area.   A huge public outcry saw the early cessation of those trials but for many, the noise continues.


AN3V is not anti-Heathrow but neither do residents want the devastating impact of noise on their communities, witnessed during and since the trials.   


Conclusions of Heathrow's (HAL) own analysis confirmed flights are more concentrated, flights are lower and there has been a 50% increase in arrivals.

Heathrow continues to prevaricate on the issue of taking immediate remedial action to ameliorate noise for those affected.   Two years of attending the Heathrow Community Noise Forum, have left many groups to conclude it is a mere talking shop.

As a result of this the residents around Heathrow have suffered enormous increases in noise around them that is damaging to health and mental stability.

  Why is there a campaign?


  • Since the trials of 2014, many communities continue to be blighted by increased aircraft noise and the level of public outcry is growing.

  • An increase in aircraft noise coincided with the trials and has not gone away since the trials ended

  • Community pressure has resulted in independent analysis which confirms an increase in the number of flights, lowering of altitude and concentration of flight paths - all of which contribute to noise

  • Period of noise can now be from as early as 4.30am until 11.30pm depending on wind direction

  • Many 3 Villages residents are now suffering as a result of concentrated flight paths over our area - changes which have been made without Consultation or Government approval.

  • Our MP and Councillors are fully aware of the issues but taken no action taken despite being provided with the results of independent data verification (secured as a result of campaign groups) from Heathrow. Why?

  • An expanded Heathrow means an additional 260,000 planes a year that means an even worse situation - with possibly one plane every 2 minutes!

  • Third runway might have been approved in principle - but the fight against this decision has only just begun! It failed before, it will fail again

  What is the group doing?


   3 Villages campaign has been instrumental & actively involved in:

  • Securing the early end of flight trials in November 2014

  • Writing to MPs and Government Ministers demanding our skies are returned to pre-trial levels

  • Collaborating with other local, regional and national campaign groups - all experiencing the same increased noise issues. Over 31 noise groups now exist and the number rising every week!

  • Meeting with the DfT, responsible for the regulation of the aviation industry, as well as CEO of Heathrow and NATS.

  • Raising the issue of noise on health with Government

  • Demanding the aviation industry is held accountable for the impact of noise on communities resulting from any changes it makes to airspace or procedures

  • Working with the coalition (no3rdrunway.co.uk) to challenge the recommendation to expand Heathrow

  • Informing residents of potential issues by way of an organised event (which DfT refused to hold)

  • Supporting by any means possible those groups who will mount a legal challenge to the irresponsible decision to approve a third runway. The fight is not lost - it has just begun!